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How the Circuit Breaker Analyzer Test System Is Used For Circuit Breaker Testing

test setup screen for circuit breaker testing software program The CBAnalyzertm test system uses a personal computer or tablet pc in conjunction with our CBAnalyzer Windows software program, internet data transfer, and sophisticated, condition-based analysis to rapidly and efficiently determine circuit breaker condition using vibration analysis.

Analysis of the vibration signature taken with the CBAnalyzer provides a comprehensive view of the condition of the entire circuit breaker. It can even be used to calculate contact parting (or closing) time by observing the distance between the first two major vibration peaks.

Potential problems that are diagnosed using the CBAnalyzer circuit breaker test system will allow maintenance personnel to focus on the breakers that need the most attention.

The CBAnalyzer circuit breaker testing system enhances existing circuit breaker test methods in at least three significant ways:

  1. Allows a Quick Check During Routine Switching Operations
    One of the complicating factors of maintenance efforts is the need to have a shutdown before any maintenance can be performed. The CBAnalyzer circuit breaker test system allows a quick check of your circuit breakers during routine switching operations. Furthermore, since performing a test simply involves magnetically attaching the accelerator to the circuit breaker and operating the breaker, maintenance personnel can be easily trained to perform the test quickly and safely.
  2. First Trip Data Is Easily Captured
    In the past, the first thing that was done when preparing to perform maintenance on a circuit breaker was to open the breaker and then start the maintenance, thus losing any information about the initial, first trip. With the CBAnalyzer test system, the trip information can be captured when the breaker is first opened, thus providing invaluable information as to the efficacy of the on-going maintenance plan.
  3. Failures Can Be Diagnosed Before They Happen
    The CBAnalyzer circuit breaker test system provides a comprehensive vibration analysis of the circuit breaker; consequently, potential mechanical failures can be diagnosed before they happen.

testing circuit breaker with CBAnalyzer Windows software program Testing a circuit breaker is simplicity itself - the test set is a personal computer or tablet pc running the CBAnalyzer Windows software program and an accelerometer magnetically mounted to the front of the breaker being tested.

  1. Attach the accelerometer to the circuit breaker - no electrical connections are required
  2. Open the CBAnalyzer software program and run through the preliminary setup procedure
  3. Operate the circuit breaker. You can operate the breaker in any sequence that you wish - for example trip-charge-close.
  4. The user initiates the test and the vibration data created by the breaker operation is captured. The vibration capture will continue until a period of no vibration exceeds the built-in time limit or until the user stops the software progarm.
  5. The captured data is saved and can be analyzed on the the pc or transferred to the Account Manager's online data base for further analysis and storage.
  6. The CBAnalyzer Account Manager:
            • is where user accounts are created and each user's role is designated
            • provides access to your equipment database and test data archives
            • is where tests are synced
            • is where your equipment data is entered and stored
            • is required to use the CBAnalyzer software program

GE PowerVac circuit breaker testing with circuit breaker analyzer The procedure provides a comprehensive picture of a circuit breaker's mechanical condition and offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Requires no modification or removal of circuit breaker - test it in its cubicle.
  • Capable of testing during routine switching
  • Captures "first trip" data
  • Extremely portable - after all, the test equipment is just a personal computer or tablet pc
  • Simple operation - minimal training required
  • Reduces the risk of human error, thus improving safety
  • Easily transmits data to the Account Manager for storage and analysis
  • A comparison method of analysis based on a vibration envelope and/or a detailed mathematical analysis of results determines:
            • Overall mechanical condition
            • Confirm maintenance intervals and lubrication
            • First trip testing data for arc flash compliance
            • Arc flash study validation checks
  • Perform detailed analysis and store maintenance records using CBAnalyzer Windows software program
            • Comprehensive equipment management database
            • Print and read barcodes for assest management
            • Compare 2 tests side-by-side
            • Generate, print and store breaker reports

CBAnalyzer Test System Slideshows and Videos
Use the following links to view slideshows illutstrating typical screenshots of the CBAnalyzer test system when testing a circuit breaker, saving and syncing the test results.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your application, have questions answered or would like a demonstration. BTW, have you checked our circuit breaker analyzer FAQ?

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circuit breaker testing with the revolutionary Circuit Breaker Analyzer system
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